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Benarty Community Council

Working with the community

Benarty Community Council is an independent statutory public body run by volunteers and is the fist tier of local government. We are obliged to comply with legal requirement and are publicly accountable.  We have the authority vested in legislation to undertake any activity in the interest of the Benarty Community which we consider necessary, a general power of competence as well as coordinating and expressing the views of the community to any other authority. All community councilors give their time freely and receive no remunerations for their efforts. Community Councilors are democratically elected and serve for a period of 4 years. As well as providing statutory consultative functions community councils provide important community involvement in local projects and social events. This has involved the community council in identifying projects and areas for enhancement.  Being a properly constituted, independent body we are able to attract external funding. One of the events the community council are responsible for starting was to be a one off Children's Gala to coincide with the start of the new millennium, however the event proved to be so successful it is still being held on an annual basis.

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